Things You Shouldnt Do When Touring In Rwanda National Park

The Republic of Rwanda is considered among the top tourist destinations in Africa and it’s so because of the different national parks like Volcanoes national park the home to the endangered mountain gorillas, Akagera national park the only remaining savanna park and home to the Big 5, Nyungwe national park the home of the “cousins of man “chimpanzees and Gishwati Mukura national park a beautiful home to a number of primates and they have rules and regulations you are advised to keep when there for both your safety and the animals as well and below are the most outstanding ones.

Smoking is among the main don’ts when in Rwanda national parks especially the primate parks like Volcanoes, Nyungwe and Gishwati because the chemicals in the cigarettes are deadly to the endangered primates as they are to humans, therefore for you not to be kicked out of the park premises, don’t smoke.

During the game drive in any park, you should never drive off the demacated track because you may accidentally cause harm to the animals or else be attacked by the wild themselves as a way of self-defense, so to be able to enjoy your safari please drive in the lane as guided by the tour guides.

Another serious don’t when in any national park in Rwanda is never to hoot when on the park premises because the unusual sound may scare away the animals or draw them near you just like to humans, unnecessary noise attracts attention and end up hurting you because they will consider it as a threat.

To have a great adventure, please never walk in the park or live the safari vehicle for any reason because this is very deadly and the fact that you are in the wild, it’s very easy for the animals to attack and kill you so keep in the vehicle during the safari.

Eating while trekking is another don’t you should put into consideration when in the trekking areas because it will attract all the attention of the primates you and they may be forced to attack you aggressively to get the taste of what you are eating which may also be harmful to the primates since its not part of their diet.

You being in the national park is already an obvious trance pass to the wild animals, so you disturbing it may be while sleeping will lead to danger, therefore, let the sleeping dogs lie.

Another don’t when in the Rwanda national park is that you should never try to feed any animal however beautiful and harmless it may appear. It’s very deadly to both the animal and you since you what you are feeding may not be part of its daily meal and it may end up attacking you if it still needs more and you have less. Therefore, never be tempted to feed any wild animal for your own safety.

Please live the babies in the lodges plus the pets to avoid distractions from them more so when they cry during a game activity. This will call for the attention of the animals towards you and the pet may act as food to the predators.

Flashlights are also part of the don’t when in Rwanda national parks because animals hate flashlights so always remember to put off your digital cameras while taking photos.

There are more other don’ts that you are warned about at the entrance of the park by the game rangers but the mentioned ones are the most outstanding. For a better safari, kindly get in touch with us at Rent A Driver Rwanda for we organize both self-drive and guided Rwanda tours to all the national parks, memorial historical sites, and all those you may have on the list at very reasonable fares. You can book a tour or rent a car online by simply emailing us at or calling us at +256 700135510 to get in touch with the reservation team.
Gloria Nalubega