Choosing Between Hiring A Driver Vs Self Drive In Rwanda

Rwanda is undoubtedly up there with some of the most popular safari destinations in Africa well renowned for her intriguing past, rich culture and hosting the mountain gorilla; one of the most sought-after primates on the continent. The good political climate, transport and communication network coupled with tight security means you can easily explore the city, remote villages and national parks. With only 4 national parks, numerous genocide memorial sites, museums and art & craft villages, there is no shortage of things to do when on tour in Rwanda whether you are traveling alone, couple, with family or small group.
However, you need to decide whether to rent a car in Rwanda with a driver or opt for the self drive adventure. We at Rent A Driver Rwanda have been organizing guided and self drive trips in Rwanda for amny years and we will help you break down the advantages of traveling with a driver and self driving.

Advantages of renting a car in Rwanda with a driver

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Comfort – The most important benefit of traveling with a professional driver is being comfortable the whole road trip. You dont have to worry about doing anything when you are with your personal driver as he will attend to all your requests. Forget about replacing a flat tire, jump starting a car, washing or even driving for long tiring distance and ket the driver do all the work.

Security– Another goood reason to rent a car in Rwanda with a driver is the security he will offer. Fraudsters, robbers and conmen like to target travelers with a local by their side as they are easy prey, A local Rwanda driver will act as a bodyguard scaring off such malicious people.

Route direction– You wont need to worry about getting lost when you travel with a local driver. These drivers have adequate knowledge about the majority of destinations and the best routes used to get there hence you can be assured you will get where you are going safely and arrive in time.

Travel advice and information– The best way to learn about Rwanda is through an experienced driver-guided who has adequate background and latest information about a destination, wildlife and people. Off and online travel magazines and sites wont give you a clear picture of Rwanda but a well trained and experienced guide will.

Get closer to Rwandese– The best way to get close to the locals is through a local and who better to help you learn about the culture than a driver. You might shy off when traveling without a local hence missing out on learning some Rwandese dialect, cuisine, folk dances & songs, night life among other cultural aspects. Let you personal driver be your guide into the rich culture of Rwanda.

Advantages of self drive in Rwanda

Cheap– One of the best advantages of self driving is that you get to cut out driver costs that include accommodation and food hence saving money on your trip for other things. The cost of hiring a driver in Rwanda greatly depend on the type of rental car you are traveling in and destinations you plan to visit other wise it’s around US$ 30 to 50 per day.

Privacy– A self drive trip offers you all the privacy you need to spend time with friends and family without interruption from an outsider. It will be you and the rental car on the road exploring the city, villages, parks all on your own with the help of a GPS or Google Maps app.

Flexible– A Rwanda tour will always be much more fun if you get to dictate destinations to visit and time to go there. You can make your own itinerary and easily adjust it to suit your personal interests and budget giving that full trip flexibility you deserve. Travel to any destination in Rwanda at your own pace and time as you enjoy the vesry best of wildlife & culture.

Ideal for campers– If you are planning to camp in Rwanda alone, as a couple or family, then the best option is to rent a 4×4 car with rooftop tent or with camping gear included. There are a variety of camping sites in Rwanda close to parks and forests ready to give you that ultimate outdoor experience you deserve.

So if you are planning to explore Rwanda in 2024 but still havent decided to travel with a driver or self drive, the above advantges of both options should help you make up your mind. We at Rent A Driver Rwanda have a fleet of well-serviced rental cars available for self drive as well as well-trained professional Rwanda drivers ready to give you that safe, comfortable and informative trip to any destination of your choice.

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