How To Book A Driver In Rwanda For Next Trip In 2024

A driver or chauffeur is a person hired by an individual or company to transport passengers and or cargo from one destination to another for a specified fee. A driver is very essential item to the success of any road trip ensuring clients get where they are going, safely, comfortably and arrive in time. A self drive trip may be cheap and private with a flexible itinerary but there is no denying that traveling with a driver is a much safer and more convenient option as you won’t have to worry about any task like replacing a flat tire, fixing a mechanic problem, washing the car or driving for long tiresome road stretches as your driver got everything covered.

Are you planning to visit Rwanda for business, safari or leisure holiday and would like to rent a car and driver for your next trip? we present to you 4 easy steps to help you book a professional driver in Rwanda in 2024.

Step 1- Go Online

The best way to find available drivers for hire in Rwanda is by going online and browsing using a search engine like Google or through social media platforms like Twitter & Facebook. Using Google, just type in hire a driver in Rwanda, rent a car & driver in Rwanda, book a Rwanda driver among other related phrases. Browse throgh the various agencies offering drivers and compare prices, terms and conditions to get one that suits your budget and travel needs.

Step 2- Choose a driver

There are various categories of drivers in Rwanda but you have to be careful and choose one that suits your interests as well as budget. The majority of companies will always publish profiles about their drivers plus you can learn more about them through reviews and pictures on Google, Facebook and Twitter so you get one that you truly prefer. You can also request for their profiles from the reservations team who will be more than happy to get you full details including license class, experience and places traveled.

Step 3- Choose a rental car

You should choose a rental car that not only suits your budget but can comfortably seat the number of people you are traveling. There are plenty of rental cars in Rwanda ideal for specific road trips with prices and drivers varying based on type of car you want to do your safari, business or leisure road trip in. 4×4 cars and minivans are perfect for safaris, SUVs and sedans will do the job for business trips while minibuses are ideal for group trips.

Step 4- Confirm the booking

After you have chosen a driver and rental car in Rwanda for your trip, the last step is to confirm your reservations by making an initial deposit to the company bank account that is provided in the invoice. Depending on the travel agency, you will have to make a 30% to 50% deposit of the total amount with the balance to be paid upon arrival in Rwanda. Once the funds have been received, the team will send you a notification congratulating you upon finalizing your reservations of car and driver in Rwanda.

Planning to tour Rwanda and require the services of a professional driver for the trip, you can easily book one today by following the above 4 steps. You can hire a driver and car in Rwanda today by simply by sending an email to or call us on +250-700 827247 / +256-700135510 to speak with our team.

Bryan Muhoozi